(Lysicarpus angustifolius)  

Also known as: Tom Russell's mahogany, Mountain mahogany, Mountain oak, Woolly butt, Brown Hazelwood

Price: $50 per meter depending on diameter.  Please enquire further at the Contact page.

Budgeroo is an Aboriginal name for this rare timber of Outback Queensland.  Commercial timber merchants can no longer obtain stocks of Budgeroo. The remaining stands are mostly in protected areas of State Forest. Very few wood artists have used or know about the beauty of this timber. Due to its scarcity, it can no longer be found in premiere wood shows such as the ones held at Maleny and Brisbane. This unique timber is therefore a collector's item and an investment for the future.
The few wood artists that have used it, considered it to be one of Australia's most beautifully grained timbers. Its fine and highly figured grain contains much fiddle back and bird's eye. It also takes a polish extremely well. 

The dead Budgeroo trees (right) that are used by Guy for carving and furniture were ring barked 50 years ago to reduce competition for the Cypress Pines which were considered more valuable at the time for building construction.
New growth such as the large tree on the left is retained.

 In the days before tungsten tipped saws, Budgeroo was too hard on the milling equipment due to silicone content, cross grain and pipes in the logs.


 The dead trees were carefully pushed over with a small dozer so that the roots were protected. The logs can be rip sawn for the construction of tables etc. The hollow logs can be used for sculpture, letter boxes, barrels or a Stockman's Saddle Stool. (below) 

Timber "blanks" for carving or wood turning, such as the ones shown above were used in the carving "Orei". (Below Right) 


The stumps and roots contain a great deal of spectacular grain. They can be used in a variety of ways including stands for a glass table, wood turning or carving etc.



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