Wyvern the Red Dragon

 and the slaying of the Demon

    Timber :  Flame She Oak and Budgeroo

Height: 700mm  & Width: 1,070mm

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The Wyvern and the Red Dragon are legendary dragons of Celtic origin that are often used as a symbol or mascot of schools, fine institutions and in the case of Wales, it appears on their national flag.  The Wyvern is of particular significance for Guy as it was the emblem of his school, Stanbridge Earls, in England.

 With a degree of imagination, the overall shape of this salvaged Flame She Oak stump already has the appearance of a standing lizard or dragon.

Wyvern carved by Guy Breay
The  flame red colour of the timber and the extraordinary shapes and spikes in the root system create a good impression of a Red Dragon.   Cavities, twists and turns have been carved to improve dramatic effect.  

Wyvern carved by Guy Breay
 The back view of Wyvern shows sharp claws on his right arm and both feet.  His forked tail wraps around his body.
Natural edge in the sculpture has been retained in certain places to show movement and contrasting colours and grain.

Wyvern carved by Guy Breay
The Wyvern has slayed the Demon of the deep. With the front claw on the Demon's head and the other claw holding its tail, Wyvern is brandishing his talons in victorious celebration.

Carvings by Guy Breay


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