Phoenix the Fire Bird Rising

    Timber :  Budgeroo  Stump

Height: 1,000mm     Width: 1,200mm

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The inspiration for the creation of the legendary Phoenix, the fire bird rising from its ashes, came from the natural shape of a salvaged bushfire damaged tree stump. In spite of the damage, age and cavities within the roots, there was an appearance of a forlorn bird waiting to be brought back to life.

With its beak open, Phoenix is calling out to be made beautiful again. She is still not completely recovered from the fire. Her body, head and eyes are in various stages of development.

Phoenix carved by Guy Breay

This Budgeroo tree stump weighed over 100kg before carving commenced. While maintaining the overall shape of a bird, a great deal of timber was removed in order that Phoenix appears light enough to fly. The finished piece is designed to hang on a wall and now weighs only 20kgs.

Phoenix before carving commenced

Phoenix is rising and preparing to fly. However, her wings are not yet fully formed.  One is open and the other wing is partly shut.  She awaits perfection, which, according to the legend, takes 500 years.

Right view showing many natural cavities that have been incorporated into the carving.

The carving has been completed and awaits the final sanding and polishing.
Phoenix WIP


Carvings by Guy Breay


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