Deepavali Mythri

    Timber:  Flame She Oak and Budgeroo

Height: 1,630mm including pedestal

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 The inspiration for this creation came from the friendship of a Nepalese family and by the enchanting beauty of two sisters in that family.

The name is derived from "Deepavali" which is the Hindu festival of lights and "Mythri" which means friendship.

This Flame She Oak tree from The Stiks  was selected for its spiralling root system and twisted trunk.

The remarkable texture of the sapwood at the base has been retained as a contrast to the highly polished natural red timber finish of the heartwood. 


In Sanskrit, Deepavali (Divali) means a row of lamps or Deepams.  During the festival, the lamps are said to make the goddess Lakshmi welcome into the family home. 

The pedestal is carved from Budgeroo. It is hollowed out and polished both inside and out.  It depicts the theme of relief carvings that can be found on most Hindu temples.

Special attention has been given to the carving of the hair to depict the long flowing hair of the two Nepalese sisters.

A candle holder in the shape of a Hindu oil lamp has been carved into the base of the root system.


Carvings by Guy Breay


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