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    Timber: Budgeroo Branches

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These simple crooked and rugged branches from the tallest of dead Budgeroo trees at The Stiks are a source of inspiration for Guy.    

 The branches are extremely difficult to find and are carefully selected in order to meet a number of criteria before they are deemed be acceptable for this collection. They must be curvaceous, have many knotty burls and other gnarled features that are unique to Budgeroo. The exterior must have been scavenged by termites to expose the twisted grain of the sun bleached sap wood. Lastly, they must be capable of being wall mounted.

The pieces are named after the cool creeks that cascade from high in the mountains of the Owen Stanley Range into the Kokoda Valley (also know as the Yodda Valley).

The collection honours the Australian Diggers of the Kokoda Campaign of 1942 as well as the memories of the people and places of the Kokoda Valley.


This carving is named in honour of the Creek that cascades 3,000 meters down  from the peak of Mt Victoria into the Kokoda Valley.

"Komo" Sold
This long sculpture with its remarkable "W" shape, is mounted above the bar in the billiard room of a wood art collector's beautiful home in Brisbane. "Iora" pictured below is also part of their collection. 

  Komo carved by Guy Breay



Yodda...a Budgeroo branch carved by Guy Bfeay
This creek was made famous during the late 1800's when over 1,000 Australian diggers were on a quest to mine alluvial gold that that was found in the Yodda valley in which Kokoda township is now situated.

"Fala" (Sold)
The Fala creek flows from the mountain of the same name into the Kokoda Valley near the Kokoda airstrip. 

"Ovei" (Sold)

Ovei Creek has its source at the top of the Owen Stanley range between Mt Thumb and Mt Victoria.  Even when it reaches the Yodda Valley some 3,000 meters below it is still very fast flowing and cold to swim in.  The Breay family lived in a house near this creek when they were first stationed at Kokoda. This sculpture hangs high on their verandah at The Stiks.

"Faiwani" (Sold)
 Faiwani carved by Guy Breay

The carving and polishing of this rugged Budgeroo Branch represents the hardships and battles the Australian Diggers endured  defending their positions in the Kokoda Rubber Plantation adjacent to Faiwani Creek in August 1942. Due to being overwhelmed by the Japanese invaders, they were forced to retreat further up the steep Owen Stanley Range where they continued fighting valliantly.

"Iora" (Sold)

"Iora" and "Flame of the Forest" enhancing the sitting room wall of a wood art collector's beautiful home in Brisbane.


The Iora creek is perhaps the most famous creek along the Kododa Trail, which follows and crosses this creek until it reaches the Kokoda Gap in the Owen Stanley Range. Ioribaiwa village is situated adjacent to the Iora Creek. It was at the Battle of Ioribaiwa in September 1942 that the Japanese were finally halted by the Australians. The Battle is commemorated at Ioribaiwa village by a War Memorial dedicated to those who fell in the Kokoda Campaign.
"Iora" is pictured here in pride of place in a wood art collector's home in Brisbane.

In July 1985, Guy and his two sons Geoffrey and Kimai aged 9 and 8 trecked the Kokoda Trail.  They were accompanied by Graham Maskiell, Neil Peace, Kevin Kaeser and Mick Power.

Crossing the Iora Creek

Arrival at Owers Corner near Pt Moresby


Carvings by Guy Breay


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